Episode #59

Natya Nanaiah

'I wanted to see if...I could make a difference' | Natya Nanaiah | Yoga Instructor

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This week on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast we have Natya Nanaiah.

Natya Nanaiah left India to work in Dublin for Google. Soon within the 3rd year of her flourishing career she began missing India and the familiarity she began craving.

She returned to India amidst a lot of speculation among friends and family. She soon turned her hobby of yoga into her profession. The journey was arduous but it was worth the pain.

Today she loves the way she is able to help make a difference to the lives of many and as she describes it as “one breath at a time”. We love her maturity and vulnerability to be one with her passion and her dream.

Instagram: @natya.nanaiah

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