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Episode #84

Tusshar Kapoor

I think I was cut out more for Fatherhood than for marriage. Tusshar Kapoor | on becoming a ‘Single Dad’

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This week on The Mohua Show, we have Tusshar Kapoor.

Tusshar Kapoor is an actor, producer, author and a celebrity “Single Dad.”

Even though he is from a star-studded family, Tusshar chose not to tread the beaten path. Very early on he decided to pursue studies and became a financial analyst in the US. But destiny had other plans for him.

He came back to India to pursue a career in entertainment. He starred in some major hits like the Golmaal series, Shootout at Wadala and The Dirty Picture.

Little did he know that his return to India would guide him to make one of the most significant decisions of his life. He didn’t want marriage but wanted to be a father.  Tusshar followed his heart and had Laksshya. His son, who now is 6 years old.

As I converse with him on The Mohua Show podcast, he takes us on his journey of breaking cultural norms and choosing fatherhood over the accepted idea of a perfect family.

He also documented his journey of becoming a father in his book titled Bachelor Dad, which he wrote when lockdown hit the country.

It is inspiring to see him don the proud role of a single dad, in a society where there are more single mothers than single fathers. Tusshar Kapoor breaks the myth of it all.

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