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Episode #35

Puja Sahu

'I did not think I could sell Bihari cuisine because of the stereotypes' | Puja Sahu | Founder - The Potbelly Divine

About this Podcast:

Puja Sahu, co-founder/Owner of The Potbelly Divine, specialises in Bihari Cuisine with branches in Delhi, Bangalore and many more

Puja Sahu and Vivita Relan started in 2012, from there Potbelly has expanded to 4 locations in just 8 years. Out of which one outlet is in Gurgaon, two outlets are in Delhi, one in Bengaluru, and one in Puja’s hometown Bihar.

The Potbelly holds the distinction of being the first-ever fine-dine Bihari restaurant, anywhere in India.

So if you are looking for authentic Bihari cuisine, head to Potbelly and if you’re lucky, you may meet passionate Pooja who loves her sattu and her culture with a pride that reaches her eye, when she explains the nuances of this cuisine.

Guests Instagram – @thepotbellybiharikitchen @puja_sahu_iyer
Sound recording & mixing: @roshan_machayya_music

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