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Episode #31

Sheetal Jain

I am a proud daughter of a bar dancer, & you? | Sheetal Jain | Consultant, OSCAR Foundation

About this Podcast:

Sheetal’s journey from the narrow dark alleys of Mumbai, where might is right is a tale of sheer grit and survival.

Her mother was a bar dancer in Mumbai, where life was extremely difficult for little Sheetal. After the ban on bar dancing Sheetal’s mother had no choice but to work as an escort to earn money for the family.

Sheetal childhood is scarred with memories of an abusive foster father, where fear was the only emotion she knew during her growing up years.

Inspite of being a victim of child abuse, she overcame all her challenges, resurrecting herself all along. Today she works as a consultant in an NGO called Oscar in Mumbai.

Sheetal has travelled all over the world with her story of courage and her passion for drums.

Today she is healed as she narrates her story of resilience and how music helped her overcome her challenges to manage her emotions to lead a life of normalcy.

I choke and can’t stop my tears as she speaks to me with all her heart. In all humility, I realise that I know so little of pain and survival.

In my eyes Sheetal is a Goddess who inspires and teaches me that nothing is impossible in this world.

Join us this Saturday on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Sheetal’s story.

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