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Episode #62

Sourabh Kumar

How to go from cribbing to solving problems | Sourabh Kumar | Co-Founder - PotHoleRaja

About this Podcast:

This week on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast we have Sourabh Kumar.

Sourabh just like any other “ordinary person” started his career as a Software Engineer and continued for 3 years.

Soon he realised, this was not what he was seeking from life.

He was concerned about the pot holes on the roads and how many people lost their lives by accidentally falling in them. With this hunger to change the story of Pothole Raja began.

Along with covering potholes, he had also been an award winning social activist.

But, the journey of being another engineer to becoming an icon for the youth and an inspiration to was surely not a cake walk for him!

Instagram: @sahu_sourabh07

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