Episode #101

Revati Laul,

Gujarat Riots | How are the wounds of partition showing up that is far away from the epicentre of partition a century later

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This week on The Mohua Show we have Revati Laul,

Revati Laul is an independent journalist and activist whose work has focused on violence and conflict. She started out as a television journalist with NDTV and then moved to print, working with Tehelka magazine and then writing independently for various publications from The Wire to The Hindustan Times and The Quint.

Her book, The Anatomy of Hate, was published in December 2018 and chronicles the lives of members of the anti-Muslim mobs of Gujarat 2002.

She currently lives and works in the district Shamli in Uttar Pradesh, where she has set up an NGO to work against discrimination, called the Sarfaroshi Foundation.

Website : www.themohuashow.com

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