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Episode #183

Empowering Communities Through Sexuality Education with Reema Ahmad

About this Podcast:

Join us in an enlightening conversation featuring Reema Ahmad, a passionate proponent of comprehensive sexuality education and co-founder of Candidly. She candidly shares her own journey of overcoming childhood and marital abuse to become a fierce advocate for sexual and reproductive health rights. She views comprehensive sexuality education as a critical tool for empowering individuals, particularly children, by enabling them to understand their bodies and make informed decisions.

Reema recognizes the societal taboos and challenges associated with sexuality education, but firmly believes in the role of organizations like Tarshi in crafting safe, inclusive spaces for these crucial conversations. Her advocacy extends to a holistic approach, encompassing not only children but families, schools, and communities. Drawing on her certification in trauma work and narrative therapy, Reema addresses systemic issues while providing a compassionate, non-judgmental environment for individuals to process their trauma and reclaim their experiences.

00:00 – Introduction
02:32 – Empowering Communities Through Sexuality Education
06:38 – Healing through Relational Support in Counseling
10:07 – Holistic Approach to Sexual Health Education
17:28 – Empathy-Driven Narratives for Social Transformation
22:30 – Gender Equality through Historical and Cultural Lens

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