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Episode #132

Dr. Madhu Chopra

In A Candid Chat About Her Life And Being PRIYANKA CHOPRA’s Mother

About this Podcast:

This week on The Mohua Show  we have Dr. Madhu Chopra.

A multi-talented personality who has donned several hats throughout her career.
She started her journey as a doctor in the Indian Army and then transitioned to become a film producer, producing critically acclaimed films like “Ventilator” and
“Pahuna: The Little Visitors.” She also runs a cosmology center called “Studio Aesthetique” and has been associated with several social causes.

Madhu shares her inspiring journey, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them. She also talks about her daughter Priyanka Chopra‘s success, the values she instilled in her children, and her advice to young aspiring filmmakers and entrepreneurs. Tune in to hear from this remarkable woman who has broken barriers and paved the way for future generations.

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