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Episode #181

Crafting Histories from the Hindu Diaspora of Bangladesh with Deep Haldar

About this Podcast:

Join us as we welcome Deep Haldar, an acclaimed journalist and author who takes us on a journey into the heart of Hindu identity in Bangladesh. Together with co-author Abhishek Biswas, Deep paints an evocative portrait of a community grappling with the dualities of existence—thriving yet suppressing their identity amidst a backdrop of secular and religious tension. Their book, “Being Hindu in Bangladesh,” chronicles not just historical events but breathes life into the stories of resilience and adaptation against a tapestry of cultural change. We discuss the inspirations behind the narrative, the significance of two Octobers that changed the course of Hindu lives in Bangladesh, and the delicate tightrope walk between flourishing and fading identities.

Wrapping up, we acknowledge the profound emotional ties to Bangladesh that fuel our dedication to capturing and sharing these multifaceted stories with the world.


00:00 – Introduction
02:30 – Inspiration Behind the Book
04:26 – Refugee Blood Inspires Book
06:03 – Challenges of Hindus in Bangladesh
09:11 – The Unextinguished Idea of East Pakistan
12:00 – Bangladesh, a complex society
13:38 – Navigating Secularism and Hardline Islam
17:03 – The Untold Stories of the Marichjhapi massacre
22:14 – Addressing the Uncertain Future of Hindus in Bangladesh
26:11 – The Imperative of Preserving Oral Histories
29:38 – The Role of Journalism in Highlighting Marginalized Voices
33:27 – Deep Haldar’s Continued Journey Through Bangladesh

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