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Episode #23

Chinna Dua

Chinna Dua | Sari Influencer & Singer

About this Podcast:

Dr Chinna Dua is a Tamilian but a Bengali in her soul. She is a social media sari influencer, a singer, an empath, an enthusiastic cook who is constantly creating new recipes for the family. Her passion towards the arts and crafts of India is visible in the undying love for her saris.

She is the wife of the well known media personality Vinod Dua and mother to famous star Mallika Dua.

Chinna started her social media content creation work at the age of 56. Having survived cancer yet never losing her positivity, she is  constantly encouraging other women to rekindle their careers. Chinna Dua is a star among many women who emulate her style as she gently reiterates that life is a celebration of love and friendship.

I am in awe of this beautiful woman.


Join us on this weeks episode of MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast to listen to Chinna Dua’s story.

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