Episode #192

Cheryl Dutta: From Helicopter Pilot to Fashion Trailblazer & Life Coach

About this Podcast:

In this captivating episode, we dive into the extraordinary life of Cheryl Dutta, who has navigated diverse and challenging paths with remarkable success. From her groundbreaking role as one of the first women helicopter pilots in the Indian Air Force, where she was part of the historic all-women crew in Southeast Asia, to her seamless transition into the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, Cheryl’s story is a testament to resilience and adaptability.

Drawing on her rich cultural heritage and adventurous upbringing, Cheryl has now embarked on a mission to empower others as a high-performance life coach. She shares insightful anecdotes from her multifaceted career, the obstacles she overcame in male-dominated fields, and her passion for creativity and helping others thrive. Tune in for an inspiring journey that promises to uplift and motivate, offering valuable life lessons and a treasure trove of wisdom. Don’t miss Cheryl’s incredible story of breaking barriers and building a life of purpose and empowerment.

00:00 – Introduction
02:57 – Adventurous Spirit from Military Roots
04:18 – Embracing a Rich Cross-Cultural Heritage
08:31 – Building Resilience Through Adaptability
12:40 – First Woman Helicopter Pilot in India
17:06 – Making World Record & Challenges of Being a Woman Pilot
19:45 – Transitioning from Military to Fashion Entrepreneur
23:43 – Life Coaching and Empowering Others
28:40 – Advice for the Younger Generation
31:08 – Closing Remarks

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