Episode #186

Celebrating India's Craft Traditions and the Revival of Banaras Brocades With Chandra Jain

About this Podcast:

In this captivating podcast episode, we dive into the world of traditional Indian craftsmanship with Chandra Jain, a fervent advocate for the preservation of Banaras handwoven brocades. Her transformative journey from skepticism to activism reveals a deep commitment to maintaining ancient weaving techniques and protecting artisan well-being against commercial pressures.

We explore the environmental benefits of handlooms, contrasted with the harmful impact of power looms, and discuss the Crafts Council of Karnataka’s efforts to safeguard diverse crafts. The episode teases an upcoming exhibition at Artisans Art Gallery, showcasing the exquisite work of Banaras weavers using natural dyes, set to enchant art aficionados in Bombay. Through Chandra’s stories and the discussion on crafts, we’re reminded of the importance of sustaining India’s rich cultural heritage and the narratives of its artisans for future generations.

00:00 – Introduction
06:02 – Reviving the Lost Art of Benares Handwoven Brocade
11:13 –  Challenges and Triumphs in Reviving Banaras Handloom Brocades
15:24 – Establishing Kadambari: Fostering Indian Heritage through Crafts & Arts
18:41 – Reviving the Dying Crafts: A Journey Through Karnataka’s Artisan Communities
21:17 – The Soft Strength of Handloom: Embracing Tradition in the Face of Modernity
27:01 – Bridging the Gap: Valuing Handloom Traditions and Combating Child Labor Myths
30:31 – The Importance of Integrating Traditional Arts and Crafts into Education
37:27 – Natural Dyes vs. Chemical Dyes: Reviving Traditional Art in Banaras Textiles

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