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Episode #61

Anantram and Meenakshi

Can laughing at your suffering be an opportunity? | Anantram and Meenakshi (Medical Clowns) | Founders of NGO - Rohit Memorial Trust

About this Podcast:

This week on the MoodyMo Awaaz Podcast we have Anantram and Meenakshi. Our first ever interview with medical clowns.

It is rightly said that empathy is greater than sympathy.

Ananthram and Meenakshi knew the pain of loosing a child hence, they got dressed and started visiting hospitals where they play and entertain the terminally ill children. Here clowning is serious business.

The grins and giggles of the innocent children brings happiness for the parents. Which also gives them the strength to face the enemy fighting inside their little bodies.

Today, “The Clowns” are joined by another 10 clowns and they together are working to make the process of palliative care more benign and little easier.

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