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Episode #182

Can Civic Journalism Really Reshape Our Broken Cities - Addressing Urban Decay with Meera K

About this Podcast:

Join us for a captivating episode with Meera K, the dynamo behind Citizen Matters and the Oorvani Foundation, as she unveils the transformative power of civic journalism in reshaping our urban landscapes.

Dive into the heart of city life as Meera enlightens us on the pressing need for community involvement and the critical role of continuous activism in overcoming urban challenges. From Bangalore’s lake preservation to leveraging technology for transparency, this conversation is an energizing journey through the trials and triumphs of sustainable city development.

Tune in to be part of the movement crafting eco-friendly, vibrant cities of tomorrow – an essential listen for urban enthusiasts and changemakers!

00:00 – Introduction
05:17 – Empowering Change Through Civic Journalism
06:44 – Empowering Civic Change through In-Depth Journalism and Community Engagement
11:20 – Transitioning from IT to Civic Improvement
13:48 – Navigating Grassroots Interactions & Building Credibility in Civic Improvement
15:45 – Community Engagement for Sustainable Cities
19:30 – Navigating Post-Pandemic Urban Challenges
23:51 – Envisioning Civic Engagement and the Future of Sustainable Cities
26:18 – Strategies for Sustainable and Livable Urban Development

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