Episode #73

Vandana Anchalia

Can an animal lover be cruel to nature? I Vandana Anchalia I Founder, Kannan Animal Welfare

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When you think of memes, you think cat. When it comes to the rescue of stray animals, however,  we look the other way!

With an estimated 79.9 million homeless cats and dogs in the country living in shelters or streets, estimates suggest that India has the highest relinquishment level compared to countries like the US, and China.  In Episode 73, the host, Mohua talks to Vandana Anchalia, Founder and Director at Kannan Animal Welfare.

In the year 2014, after Vandana  lost 37 rescue dogs in different shelters across NCR, she strongly felt animal welfare should be held to standards of quality and strays should not receive subpar care. In 2015,  hence, she founded KAW with an aim of providing quality care to all strays.

In this episode, Vandana talks about how  KAW has helped more than 1000 dogs living in poor conditions,  about rehoming  hundreds of rescues locally as well as overseas, and why we need to unlearn before we call ourselves animal lovers!

Instagram: @vanchalia
W: https://www.kannananimalwelfare.org

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