Episode #185

Business to Politics & UK-India Relations with Dinesh Dhamija

About this Podcast:

Join Dinesh Dhamija, British Indian entrepreneur and political figure, as he recounts his transformation from a small kiosk owner to founding the successful online travel agency, ebookers.com. Dinesh shares his diverse cultural experiences, his ventures into sustainable energy, and his advocacy for UK-India trade relations.

Delve into his philanthropic work with Chikitsa and Shiksha in India, his proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and insights from his book, “The Indian Century,” discussing India’s growing global influence. The episode touches on the complexities of India-UK trade negotiations, the significance of skilled immigration for the UK, and the role of returning business capital to India’s economy.

00:00 – Introduction
03:03 – Dinesh Dhamija’s Personality and Career: A Global Impact
04:56 – The Beginnings of ebookers.com. Journey from Kiosk to Entrepreneurship
10:48 – From Entrepreneurship to Politics
13:17 – Philanthropic Endeavors and Impact in India
15:18 – Envisioning an Indian Century
18:09 – Understanding India’s Surge and Its Impact on the Global Balance of Power
20:30 – Exploring Investment Opportunities in India
24:53 – Discussing the Prospects of the Indian Century
26:57 – Insights on the Potential India-UK Trade Deal
33:06 – Navigating the Indian Trade and Employment Landscape
34:59 – The Positive Impact of Immigration
36:05 – Closing Remarks

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