Episode #189

Building Support for Mental Wellness in India with Neha Kirpal

About this Podcast:

In this transformative podcast episode, we engage in a profound conversation with Neha Kirpal, a pioneering social entrepreneur whose work bridges the creative arts and mental health sectors. Neha shares her inspiring journey from founding India’s first international art fair to co-founding Amaha, a mental health organization providing accessible care in over 15 languages.

The episode delves into her personal motivations, driven by her family’s struggle with mental illness, and the systemic challenges in India’s mental health landscape. Neha discusses the crucial role of early intervention, community support, and intersectionality in mental health care. The conversation highlights the multidisciplinary approach needed to build a robust mental health ecosystem in India, emphasizing awareness, resource building, and effective advocacy. Neha also introduces future initiatives, including a book on women’s mental health narratives and various impactful mental health resources and organizations in India. This episode is essential for anyone dedicated to mental health advocacy.

00:00 – Introduction
02:49 – Neha Kirpal’s Mission: Bridging the Mental Health Gap in India
05:43 – Shift from Creative Sector to Marginalized Sector
08:53 – Navigating Barriers and Providing Holistic Mental Health Care
12:28 – Measuring Long-Term Outcomes in Mental Health Care
16:20 – Embracing Intersectionality in Mental Health Care
23:38 – Systemic Barriers and Personal Advocacy in Mental Health
31:17 – Finding Purpose and Healing in Mental Health Advocacy
36:18 – Future Plans for Amaha
38:22 – Closing Remarks
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