Episode #177

Breaking Down Patriarchy:

Unveiling Benign Power Structures

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In today’s episode we have Aparna Piramal Raje and Megha Mawandia, shedding light on the complexities of patriarchy and feminism. This episode poignantly clarifies the true intent of feminism—not as an antagonism towards men, but rather as a collective endeavor towards gender equality—and how this impacts society at large. We consider the transformative potential of establishing an “Anti-Patriarchy Day,” sparking discussions and actions aimed at deconstructing ingrained gender disparities, and we discuss the power dynamics at play within decision-making processes from boardrooms to households.

Episode Summary
01:52: Exploring Feminism and Patriarchy
Feminism challenges patriarchy and promotes equity, justice, and dialogue for equal representation in leadership roles.

09:12: Challenging Benign Patriarchy and Gender Bias
Benevolent patriarchy limits women’s ambitions, perpetuated by both men and women, challenging and building alternatives is necessary.

17:22: Amplifying Marginalized Voices and Dismantling Patriarchy

22:23: Addressing Gender Inequality and Patriarch
Men and women need to have non-accusatory conversations about gender dynamics, tackling benign patriarchy and creating safe spaces for emotional support.

29:24: Exploring Patriarchy and Mental Health
Courage as a gradual process, patriarchy in Barbie movie, and benign patriarchy in everyday life.

38:02: Heartfelt Conversation on Meaningful Topics
Nature’s importance and heartfelt discussions on the Mohua Show with Aparna and Megha, available on major streaming services.
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