Episode #77

Noor Zora

Bachpan ki chudiyon aur jhanjaron ki chankar ko Giddhe ka roop mila’ Noor Zora | on his journey of becoming the first Male Giddha Dancer

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This week on The Mohua Show we have Noor Zora.

Lok Rang Noor Art (Noor Zora), one of Punjab’s most eminent Giddha groups, performs all over the country and is often called upon to bless weddings, anniversaries, festive celebrations, or even just birthdays. Although the troupe is comprised solely of men who are committed to reviving a folk dance tradition that has conventionally been performed by women, there are no expectations of heteronormative masculinity or curtailed femininity—each of them is free to pursue their own journey in order to arrive at an expression they best identify with.

A group of self-assured men in a small town in rural Punjab is breathing new life into an age-old folk dance.

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