Episode #40

Srila Chatterjee

Another kind of ambition is when you care about others' success | Srila Chatterjee | Co-founder of BARO

About this Podcast:

Srila Chatterjee, Co-founder of BARO.

Srila spent 25 years running a film production house before she wanted to shift gears and move on to follow her passion for art and design and opened BARO, a furniture and art store in Mumbai.

She was always passionate about art and design, especially Indian art.

She curated the famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in its early days and co-founded Blue Frog, one of the most iconic music spaces in the country.

BARO attempts to change perceptions of people towards native art from various parts of India. It features art from renowned Indian artists like Gond artist Ramesh Takam from Bhopal, Sanjay Chitara who specialises in Mata ni pachedi art, Phad artist and master Kalyan Joshi, and award-winning artist Pranab Narayan Das and others.

Instagram:  @srilachatterjee

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