Episode #191

Anita Horam : Shaping Stories from Condé Nast to Netflix & Empowering Creators

About this Podcast:

In this captivating episode, we sit down with Anita Horam, a distinguished figure in the media and entertainment industry with over 25 years of experience. Anita shares her remarkable journey from a college freelancer to holding influential roles at Channel V, Condé Nast India, and Netflix. She reveals the meticulous blend of logistical rigor and creative intuition required to build a successful video division at Condé Nast India and offers invaluable advice for aspiring media professionals.

The conversation transitions to Anita’s acclaimed work on “The Big Day,” a six-part Netflix documentary series capturing the grandeur of Indian weddings. Anita delves into the complexities of pitching and producing for a major platform, and the significance of design and art in elevating visual storytelling. She also discusses the importance of cultural representation and the editorial expertise needed to create globally resonant content.

Later, Anita introduces The Mighty Muse, her initiative aimed at supporting independent creators by providing resources, networking opportunities, and a safe environment for nurturing creative ideas. She highlights the growing recognition of Indian documentaries and the positive shift towards more integrity in filmmaking. Anita concludes with inspiring words for new creators, emphasizing the endless opportunities in today’s interconnected, technology-driven world.

00:00 – Introduction
03:17 – Anita Horam’s Journey in Media and Entertainment
07:56 – Pivotal Roles at Channel V and Condé Nast India
15:59 – The Creative Process Behind “The Big Day”
22:16 – The Mighty Muse Initiative
33:21 – The Potential of Cultural Narratives in Indian Documentaries
39:38 – Innovating India’s Cultural Identity through Media
43:36 – The Power of Trust and Sisterhood in Media

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