Episode #190

Anita Bhogle’s Insights on Gender Equality, Leadership, Sports & Soft Skills

About this Podcast:

In this episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Anita Bhogle, a trailblazing businesswoman, author, and motivational speaker. With a stellar academic background from IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad, Anita’s career spans diverse fields from advertising to co-founding Pro Search Consultants and creating India’s first digital learning library for managers, BizPundits. Anita shares her transition from academia to entrepreneurship, shedding light on the importance of soft skills and management lessons derived from sports.

She opens up about the unique challenges faced by professional women, emphasizing the need to address unconscious biases and societal expectations. The episode explores the evolving landscape of gender equality in leadership, the critical role of mentorship, and the significance of shared household responsibilities. Anita also discusses balancing career, family, and self-care, sharing personal anecdotes and practical advice. Tune in for an enriching conversation that offers valuable insights and inspiration from Anita Bhogle’s multifaceted career and personal experiences.

00:00 – Introduction
04:28 – Navigating Academia and Finding Mentorship
08:51 – Navigating the Advertising World and Balancing Life’s Demands
13:13 – The Intersection of Sports and Management
19:26 – Advice for Management Students
20:50 – Unconscious Bias and Corporate Kindness
26:56 – Lessons from Sports: Building a Winning Attitude for Entrepreneurship
32:22 – The Dual-Edged Sword of Celebrity Marriage
34:29 – Balancing Work, Parenting, and Marriage
37:12 – Closing Remarks
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