Episode #170

Amit Hansraj

Ahead of Trends, Rooted in Timelessness: INCA's Visionary

About this Podcast:

In today’s episode,we are to unravel the creative journey of Amit Hansraj,

The visionary founder behind INCA, a contemporary Indian brand that seamlessly blends the transient and transcendent in fashion. From the brand’s inception in October 2020, Amit takes us beyond the world of INCA, delving into the personal experiences and influences that have shaped his unique design philosophy. Discover the unexpected sources of inspiration that fuel INCA’s aesthetic, the delicate balance between staying true to the brand’s identity and embracing innovation, and the crucial role sustainability plays in their vision. Gain insights into fostering innovation within a design studio and explore Amit’s perspective on staying ahead of trends while maintaining a timeless essence. As he shares his aspirations for dream collaborations and imparts advice for aspiring designers and entrepreneurs, dive into the future of INCA and the excitement that motivates its continued growth and influence in the world of contemporary fashion.

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