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Jas Dosanjh

After spending over a quarter million in divorce settlements, I knew what women should avoid! | Jas Dosanjh | Author & Entrepreneur

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Jas Dosanjh is a writer, an author and an entrepreneur. She’s written a series of memoirs called Life Out Of Reach and her first two books Spare Burden and Not The Property Of are already out on Amazon.

Her memoirs focus on her upbringing as a child of immigrants and being the second eldest daughter in a family of seven children.

She had a forced marriage at the age of 19 and she has been a single parent to her two children for many years. Jas has also developed an online program for women who want to divorce their husbands. Her program helps you to get started on the right foot and it’s designed to put women in the driver’s seat, preserve their wealth and prepare them for a fabulous life after divorce.

Jas helps women to financially plan and emotionally prepare before they tell their spouses that they want a divorce. This program will be launching in late summer.

Website: www.jasdosanjh.com
Instagram: @jasdosanjh73

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