Episode #20

Moni Kumar

Adopting Indian stray dogs and log kya kahenge | Moni Kumar | CO founder of Pawzz & Cynophilist

About this Podcast:

Moni Kumar, CO founder of Pawzz is on an mission to rescue stray dogs. Pawzz was initiated by her husband and it was gradually taken forward by Moni and her son Akash Kumar.

Moni currently has 14 dogs at home. They rescue dogs from the street who are injured and treat them and send them back. They try to involve the local people and raise awareness towards these street dogs. How to take care of them and feed them. They also help in neutering and adopting them.

They don’t have a shelter at present but are planning to have one in the near future, so that they can treat other animals too.

Moni Kumar is trying to make people understand that human beings and animals can co exist in a healthy and supportive environment.

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Website: https://pawzz.org/about-us/
Instagram:  @moni.kumar1

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