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Episode #136


A Dalliance With Destiny: An Enchanting Tale of Spiritual Quest And Identity With South African Author

About this Podcast:

This week  on The Mohua Show we have Aman Singh Maharaj.

A South African author of Indian origin. Aman’s debut novel, “A Dalliance with Destiny” has garnered critical acclaim for its compelling narrative and masterful storytelling. In this mystical journey set in India, the protagonist embarks on a quest for spiritual enlightenment, capturing readers’ hearts and minds.

Aman’s deep connection to his family and cultural heritage shines through in his writing, as he skillfully weaves together historical and cultural elements to create a vivid backdrop for his story. As a columnist and storyteller, Aman also shares his insights on national and political topics of interest to the Indian diaspora. Tune in to hear Aman discuss his life, his work, and the profound impact of his latest book.

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