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Dear EX

Episode #01

The Untold Gender Struggles in Divorce with Namrata Chadha

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About this Podcast:

In the first episode of our Dear EX, Namrata Chadda joins us to delve into the intricacies of divorce, exploring gender bias, societal pressures, and the pursuit of personal freedom. With over two decades of experience in addressing violence against women, Namrata offers valuable insights into the emotional challenges and societal norms both men and women face during and after a marital dissolution.

We discuss the impact of gender discrimination within the institution of marriage and motherhood, as well as the role of the media and society in shaping stereotypes. Through engaging stories and the metaphor of a bird’s life, we underscore the importance of personal independence and encourage listeners to reflect on their own paths to self-discovery post-divorce.

Join us for a candid conversation that navigates the complexities of ending a marriage and the bravery required to rebuild and reclaim one’s identity.

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