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Episode #03

The Journey of Conscious Uncoupling with Dr. Suchitra

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In this enlightening episode, we welcome Dr. Suchitra, a renowned gynecologist turned certified divorce coach, who is fondly known as the “Divorce Doctor.” After experiencing a 30-year marriage that ended in divorce, Dr. Suchitra found a profound calling to help others navigate the tumultuous waters of separation and divorce.

Dr. Suchitra shares her unique approach to conscious uncoupling, a structured, two-month coaching program designed to help individuals heal from the trauma of divorce and rediscover their self-worth. She discusses the emotional challenges of uncoupling, highlighting the importance of understanding one’s past to make conscious choices for a better future.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Suchitra emphasizes the need for self-love and personal growth, explaining how these elements are crucial for healing and moving forward. She also addresses the societal stigmas associated with divorce, particularly for women, and the importance of emotional literacy in overcoming these challenges.

Join us as Dr. Suchitra offers deep insights and practical advice for anyone going through a breakup or divorce, shedding light on the path to emotional freedom and self-empowerment. Whether you’re personally affected by divorce or supporting someone who is, this episode is a must-listen for valuable guidance and inspiration.

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