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Episode #02

Self-Discovery & Growth Post Divorce with Rajat Chadha

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About this Podcast:

In this podcast episode, Rajat Chadha, a corporate professional and a result-oriented business leader, shares his experience of navigating life after a 13-year marriage ended in divorce. He delves into the personal and emotional challenges that come with ending a long-term relationship, emphasizing the vulnerability of men during such times and the societal expectations that often discourage them from expressing their pain.

Rajat discusses the difficulties of re-entering the dating scene post-divorce, the impact on social circles and friendships, and how one’s career can influence the search for new love. Through his journey, he offers insights into personal growth, the courage to start anew, and the wisdom gained from letting go of relationships that have run their course.

The episode aims to provide solace and understanding for those going through similar situations, while also challenging stereotypes and encouraging open conversation about the end of marriages.

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