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Episode #08

Rediscovering Resilience: Ruchita's Journey to Self-Empowerment

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About this Podcast:

Description: In this “DearEX” podcast episode, Mohua interviews  Ruchita Khurana, a homemaker-turned-teacher who opens up about her journey through separation, heartbreak, and divorce. Ruchita shares her transformation from a long-time homemaker to an educator, inspired by her husband and son’s encouragement. She delves into the societal conditioning that drives women to seek male validation and stresses the importance of self-discovery and self-care.

Ruchita discusses the challenges of co-parenting after separation, highlighting the need for clear communication, boundaries, and a respectful relationship with her ex-husband for their children’s well-being. She describes adapting to life as a single woman, navigating new social and professional landscapes, and the vital role of friends and therapy in her support system.

Emphasizing self-care and the importance of professional help, Ruchita reflects on the lessons learned and her newfound resilience. This episode underscores the power of self-discovery, support systems, and the bravery of rebuilding one’s life after significant upheavals.

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