Dear EX

Episode #04

Reclaiming Strength: Mona Singh on Empowerment After Divorce!

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About this Podcast:

In the latest episode of DearEX, the podcast delves into the realities of divorce with Mona Singh, a divorce empowerment coach. Mona shares her journey from a corporate career to entrepreneurship and eventually becoming a coach after experiencing a challenging divorce herself. She emphasizes the lack of support for women in similar situations, which inspired her to help others through holistic support, emotional healing, and practical guidance.

Mona discusses the varying recovery times post-divorce, highlighting that while the process is unique to each individual, her coaching aims to expedite healing through structured modalities. She defines empowerment as reclaiming control, rewriting one’s narrative, and transitioning from victimhood to ownership. Mona underscores the importance of self-compassion and setting boundaries, both personally and socially, during this transformative period.

She addresses common misconceptions about divorce, such as viewing it as a failure, and stresses the necessity of allowing oneself time to heal before moving on. Mona shares a success story of a client named Priya, who transformed from a distressed divorcee to a successful entrepreneur with Mona’s guidance.

For those without support systems, Mona advises building independence and finances step by step, trusting that support will eventually come. She encourages seeking help as a sign of strength and offers her services through her website,

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