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Episode #05

Navigating Family Law: Insights and Challenges with Rachana Shukla

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About this Podcast:

In this episode of “DearEX,” we sit down with Adv Rachana Shukla, an esteemed lawyer and advocate for women’s rights with over three decades of experience in family law and the Domestic Violence Act. Rachana  shares insights into the unique challenges individuals face during divorce, highlighting the emotional and financial stress involved. She emphasizes the difficulties in securing alimony and maintenance, especially for non-earning women, and underscores the varying social stigmas faced by women of different age groups.

Rachana  also discusses the intersections between domestic violence and divorce cases, explaining how grounds for divorce often overlap with domestic abuse claims. She outlines the robust nature of the Domestic Violence Act and its applicability across all religions, contrasting it with the fragmented personal laws governing divorce.

Highlighting a specific case, Rachana  illustrates her approach to resolving disputes amicably and the importance of considering the broader social and familial impacts. She also touches on the potential benefits and challenges of implementing a Uniform Civil Code in India.

Additionally, Rachana  provides practical advice for women seeking to file domestic violence complaints and discusses the evolving landscape of family laws. Through her advocacy and legal expertise, Rachana  aims to empower women and improve the execution of legal protections available to them.

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