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Episode #09

Navigating Divorce and Rediscovery with Madhura Alva

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About this Podcast:

In this episode of “DearEX,” Madhura Alva, a dedicated divorce recovery coach, shares her journey and expertise in helping women heal and regain confidence after divorce. Madhura recounts her personal experience of a challenging 15-year marriage, an inter-caste union against her parents’ wishes, and the subsequent lonely and daunting process of divorce. Despite societal pressures and personal fears, she found the strength to leave her toxic marriage and now supports other women in similar situations.

Madhura discusses common issues leading to divorce, such as infidelity, incompatibility, and societal pressures. She highlights her focus on helping women recognize their self-worth, rebuild confidence, and view divorce as an opportunity for a better future. She shares a success story of a client who overcame years of emotional turmoil and rebuilt her life, emphasizing the importance of a positive mindset in the recovery journey.

Listeners are encouraged to shift their perspective on divorce from a negative event to a chance for a fresh start. Madhura also provides contact information for those seeking her coaching services, offering personalized support to navigate the difficult path of divorce recovery.

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