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Episode #07

Embrace New Beginnings and Prioritize Self-Care with Expert Sunitha Joseph

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Unlock the secrets to navigating the emotional maze of divorce with expert insights from Sunitha, a seasoned relationship expert. This episode promises to transform your perspective on divorce, debunking the myth that it’s the end of the road. Sunitha highlights the importance of understanding, but not being weighed down by, childhood issues, and how societal pressures can fuel feelings of failure. She offers actionable advice on viewing divorce as a fresh start rather than a dead end, along with practical steps for those contemplating the big decision, emphasizing the power of support and focusing on a brighter future.

Discover the often overlooked benefits of children experiencing life in separate households, and the crucial role of self-care during the divorce process, especially within the Indian cultural context. We discuss how dual homes can enrich children’s lives with diverse experiences and why prioritizing self-care is essential for anyone going through a divorce. Sunitha shares practical tips like revisiting old hobbies, staying physically active, and seeking spiritual or therapeutic support to foster personal growth and healing.

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